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    Rebels of Storytelling is designed to inspire, inform and empower filmmakers and the creative community at this time of global change. From cutting edge strategies and business models to creative use of emerging technologies, 8 creative leaders from film and visual media share their experience, strategies and vision for film’s future....

    Now is the time for original ideas, innovative business models and harnessing new technologies.

    Now is the time for new leaders and fresh perspectives.

    Now is the time for Rebels of Storytelling.

  • Speakers - ROS

    Kiri Hart

    Storyteller. Co-Producer THE LAST JEDI

    From STAR WARS to T-Street: the New Creative Process for Storytellers

    Kim Libreri

    CTO Epic Games

    THE MANDALORIAN and the Future of Real Time Filmmaking

    John Gaeta

    Creator, Inventor and Academy Award-winning Designer

    Where Next for Storytelling?

    Shabnam Mogharabi

    Co-founder and Past CEO SoulPancake

    The Rise of Impact of Entertainment

    Diana Williams

    CEO/Co-founder, Kinetic Energy Ent.

    Building Franchises for Independent Stories

    Jess Engel

    Producer of SPHERES and Founder, Crimes of Curiosity

    The New Business of Independent Storytelling

    Sam Barlow

    Creator of HER STORY and TELLING LIES

    How to Make Interactive Films that Matter

    Matt Workman

    Virtual Production Cinematographer and Thought Leader

    Virtual Production for Independent Storytellers

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