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    The Future of Film Report 2020

    The Future of Film Report 2020 is a culmination of the work of a number of speakers and participants from the inaugural Future of Film Summit.

    It is designed to help film stakeholders and practitioners navigate the new landscape and provides a set of recommendations for how to create a new future of film.

    The Future of Film Report 2020 is brought to you in partnership with King’s College London.

    In the Report you will discover:

    • How Real Time Game Engines and Virtual Productions are transforming the filmmaking process
    • Why new workflows can lead to commercial opportunities for creators and businesses
    • How ‘worldbuilding’ can transform the creative process and lead to new commercial advantages
    • 8 recommendations for moving into film’s future

    Contributors include: Alex McDowell, Tim Webber, Harriet Finney, Chris Ferriter, Dr Helen Kennedy, Dr Sarah Atkinson, Paul Robert-Carey, Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull, Juan Diaz Bohorquez, Nihal Tharoor, Ben Lumsden and Alex Stolz.