• VP Revolution - Kaya Jabar

    The Power of 'Pre Vis' in Building Creative Consensus

    Kaya Jabar

    Kaya Jabar

    Visualisation Supervisor, Framestore

    “ Real time tools help a team reach creative consensus … you can sketch out ideas really quickly”

    Kaya Jabar is a multidisciplinary visualisation supervisor with unique experience leading previs, postvis, techvis and virtual production for tentpole film and TV projects.

    Kaya began her career as an animator at Guerilla Games where she discovered a passion for interactive storytelling as part of the cinematics team. In 2014 Kaya moved to The Third Floor London as a previs artist and principal architect of the company’s virtual production and on-set visualisation services. This led to a two-year stint on the multi Emmy Award winning Game Of Thrones, which saw her deliver on-set motion control and simulcam supervision and implementation, as well as virtual camera supervision and workflow/pipeline design.

    Leaving Westeros behind after three seasons, Kaya then supervised virtual production for JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker and Tim Burton’s Dumbo, before returning to London to develop real-time adoption and virtual production workflows with the aim of making visualisation more efficient and interactive.

    A regular on the international speaking circuit and one of the most influential women working in VFX, Kaya joined FPS in 2020 as a pre-production supervisor, working across previs, postvis and virtual production, as well as providing on-set technical direction and planning for complex VFX and practical setups.