• Incubator Application 2023

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    How Does it work?

    FOF INC is a 2-phase programme that will take place between June 2023 and January 2024.

    Phase One of the Programme will take place virtually between June and early August 2023. Sessions are generally timed for the early evening (UK and Europe time zones) and will encompass masterclasses, networking and 1-2-1 development work with Future of Film. All projects will also have the benefit from professional audience research testing through our Audience Research partner, Screen Engine ASI. We anticipate accepting up to 16 projects for this phase.

    At the end of this period, we plan to select up to 3 of the projects to continue into the later stages of the programme, which is significantly more bespoke and tailored to the projects’ individual requirements. It is possible that participants selected for this phase will need to be able to have some access to the UK, London but this will be discussed with participants at the time. These final projects will then proceed to the Showcase, where they will have the opportunity to pitch their project to select buyers, investors and platforms.

    The end goal of the programme is for the final projects to be successfully financed - and to empower you to build sustainable businesses based on this.

    Whilst the programme is free to attend, Future of Film will agree a Success Fee with the Phase Two projects to reflect the programme’s contribution in this process.


    FOF INC is more than a development programme. Whilst we will help you bring your vision to screen, we are more interested in helping you build a sustainable and successful IP driven business. We strongly believe it is storytellers who are able to make this transition - from filmmaker to creator entrepreneur - that will be most successful in the new entertainment landscape.

    Through our Innovation Process, we will guide and support you to develop your project’s storyworld, embrace new technological solutions and build a sustainable commercial strategy. No previous experience or knowledge of this process is necessary but we expect all participants to be open to exploring this possibility.

    Who Can Apply?

    FOF INC is for storytellers who have the drive, commitment and courage to tell their story and who are open to taking on new ideas on how to make this happen. We encourage applications from creators who are curious about building sustainable IP businesses from their concept.

    You may apply as an individual or a creative team.

    You can be based anywhere in the world. Please note most sessions will be hosted evening time GMT.

    Perhaps you are a writer, a producer, creative technologist or a performer (or a combination of these!).

    You will have had experience in your craft already - perhaps you have made a short film, written or published material or regularly created and published content. You may already be working in media but want to develop your own voice and career as a storyteller. Or you may have had success in another creative field and want to bring this into screen based storytelling.

    You will certainly be motivated and passionate about learning and maximising the opportunities FOF INC will provide. You may have faced barriers in the past and we want to help you to overcome these so that your voice can be heard.

    You may not yet be technologically savvy but you are certainly curious about this area. You are open to learning new ways of working - new technology, new processes, new ideas - and are committed to pursuing this across the programme and in your work.

    Above all, you have a burning desire to tell stories and a commitment to making this happen.

    We particularly want to encourage applicants from all backgrounds including age, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and people with disabilities.

    Applications for 2023/24 are now closed.

    If you have any questions please email applications@futureoffilm.live


    FOF INC is a format neutral programme which means we are open to all types of screen media stories. Moreover, we are especially interested in stories that have the potential to unfold across multiple platforms. This often means that there is a wider story world that exists around the concept.

    We are looking for new perspectives, fresh voices and authentic story ideas with compelling reason(s) for why they should be made. Who is the audience and why is this going to appeal to them?

    We are searching for stories with potential to scale and commercial appeal. This is very important although commercial potential does not necessarily equate to ‘blockbuster’ or mainstream - rather there should be a clear market opportunity, even if this opportunity is niche.

    All genres are welcomed, including documentaries.

    Ultimately, all ideas - ‘big and small’ are welcomed as long as they are original, have a clear and compelling reason to exist and a defined audience. This specifically includes stories that many have not found a platform elsewhere, for example from marginalised voices and communities.


    We are looking for up to 16 creators / teams for Phase 1 and expect the competition for these places to be high. Future of Film will work with external advisors for the shortlisting and may invite candidates for interview ahead of a final decision. We aim to keep you informed across the process but regret we will not be able to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

    There are so many different ways to tell stories and are particularly excited about projects that can unfold across different media or screens. For example (and not limited to)

    • Animation
    • Games
    • Live Experience
    • Podcasts
    • XR
    • Interactive
    • Film
    • TV / Series
    • Location based Entertainment

    Future of Film Showcase is the event where the final projects are launched to the industry. Phase 2 participants will be presented individually and will have the opportunity to pitch their developed project to hand picked investors, buyers and platforms. To illustrate, in the 2022/23 programme, the showcase took place at Epic Games Innovation Lab London and the final participants presented to companies including Netflix, Ingenious Media, Lego, Studio Canal, Film4 and the BFI.

    Due to the high demand in previous rounds, we charge a small fee for applications. In 2023 this is £27 (or £15 for applicants aged 25 and under). If you feel this precludes you from participating or accessing the programme, please get in touch at applications@futureoffilm.live.

    There are no further fees charged for participating in the programme but in the event that a project becomes fully financed, Future of Film will receive a Success Fee from the project budget (see below).

    Yes! We want to provide as much value as possible so are delighted to confirm that ALL applicants will receive access to the Phase one Masterclass programme, full details of which will be shared with applicants. Previous Masterclass speakers have included Houston Howard, Diana Williams, Stephen Follows and Kevin Goetz

    In addition, in 2023, all applicants are automatically enrolled in the competition to win a Dell 5470 workstation.

    The Success Fee only applies to projects that are selected for Phase 2 of the programme (i.e. it does not apply to participants who only join Phase 1) and full details will be provided to the selected participants in this scenario.

    Our aim is to bring your project to life and the Success Fee recognises our role in achieving this. When a project that completes the programme becomes fully financed, Future of FIlm is attributed a development fee in the final budget. If the final project develops into a business proposition (i.e. not just a single title but an ongoing concern) then Future of Film will structure the fee accordingly.

    You will learn how to develop and pitch your concept so that it has maximum potential to succeed in the marketplace. Specifically, we will help you innovate your idea so that it has potential to become a sustainable IP-driven business.

    Along the way you will be exposed to some of the most cutting edge and innovative practices and ideas that exist in media for example:

    • Innovation Process
    • Distribution and marketing
    • Audience Building
    • Generative AI Tools
    • NFT and Web3
    • Brand building and funding
    • Audience Data and Sentiment Analysis
    • Virtual Production
    • Pre-Visualisation
    • World-building
    • International Market Dynamics
    • Pitching

    You will also have the opportunity to build a meaningful network with like-minded creators and filmmakers across the world.

    We recommend watching this interview with 2022 Phase Two participants to get more understanding into how the programme works and the topics covered.

    There are no requirements on location and we actively encourage applications from across the world. However, it will be necessary for you to make twice weekly virtual meetings at around 18.30 BST during June, July and early August. It is also important to note that the programme is conducted in English so it is essential you are fluent in English.

    Generally, no - FOF INC provides the resources, people and opportunities to pursue your project rather than funds. However, for participants who proceed to the later stages, we are currently exploring options to provide a small amount of funding and equipment to help with the project development. If you feel this precludes you from participating or accessing the programme, please get in touch at applications@futureoffilm.live