• Virtual Production for Independent Filmmakers

  • Virtual Production for Independent Filmmakers

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    Future of Film Podcast · 4.3 Virtual Production for Independent Filmmakers

    With the prices [of Virtual Production] coming down and becoming more accessible, I see more storytellers taking on riskier projects" Matt Workman

    Matt Workman is at the forefront of the realtime filmmaking revolution - pioneering the uptake of the technology for independent filmmakers.

    Following a successful career as a DP of high profile music promos and commercials, Matt developed the hugely successful Cine Tracer app/game, built for filmmakers to learn, experiment and design in realtime.

    Now, Matt is driving forward virtual production, combining traditional cinematography techniques with realtime graphics using Unreal Engine - and in the process making these tools and workflows accessible to directors and cinematographers worldwide.

    In this interview Matt takes us through his creative journey to this nexus of technology and cinematographer and why he is so passionate about democratising virtual production technology.

    Matt is recognised as a leader in the virtual production community, including by Epic Games CTO Kim Libreri who recently said on this show “Matt Workman is incredible”. To find out more about Matt and his prolific and inspirational output follow him on Twitter @cinedatabase.

    More About Matt Workman

    Matt Workman is a cinematographer who has filmed music videos for artists like Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, and Diddy and commercials for brands like Facebook, Google, BMW, and L’Oreal. He specializes in technical cinematography which usually involve previs, motion control, and heavy VFX.

    In 2015, Matt founded Cinematography Database and in 2018 released “Cine Tracer,” an Unreal Engine powered game/app that allows filmmakers to visualize camerawork and lighting in real time. Matt’s work and Cine Tracer was featured in the April 2020 issue of American Cinematographer.

    Matt’s current focus is combining traditional cinematography techniques with real time graphics. He is working with Epic Games to build workflows that make Virtual Production accessible to professional directors and cinematographers.

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