• Audience Insights, AI and Anthropology

  • Audience Insights, AI and Anthropology

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    The industry has been trying to force data into creativity, but we need to turn that around ... and force creativity into data. Niels Alberg

    This episode is about the benefits of including the audience in the storytelling process - and how one company had forged an innovative approach to achieving this, using both AI and anthropology.

    Niels Alberg is CEO and co-founder of PUBLIKUM.io (the Danish word that translates literally as Audience) and is on a mission to equip filmmakers with new levels of intelligence about their market. For the past 20 years, Niels has worked in applied research, strategy and creative business development. Niels, who holds a Master's Degree in Sociology from the University of Copenhagen, specializes in designing innovative research methods for a large number of clients in projects that combine human insight and business strategy with the goal of developing new, creative connections between companies, organisations and people. 

    Now, Publikum.io have taken this innovative process into filmmaking to develop a new method designed to empower the creative team. In this conversation he discusses how this works and is being adopted by filmmakers and funders across Europe.

    This episode was recorded as part of Future of Film Incubator 2022.

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