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8.30 - 9.30

Arrivals and Coffee

9.30 - 9.45


Alex Stolz, Director Future of Film Summit

9.45 - 10.30

The Future of Film Keynote Address

Alex McDowell, Co-Founder and Creative-Director Experimental Design Studios

Alex McDowell is the visionary designer behind iconic film worlds such as Minority Report and Fight Club. In the inaugural Future of Film Keynote Address, Alex reveals the creative process behind these films and how that led to the practice known as Worldbuilding.

In his role as Executive Director of Experimental Design Studios, Alex is now bringing Worldbuilding to emerging frontiers and he will explain how and why this is transforming industries and communities in new and unexpected ways.

Posing challenging and provocative questions on the future of film and the industry, Alex ultimately provides a bold vision for the future: an era of radically collaborative and courageous storytelling - one that can literally reshape the world.

10.30 - 11.30

The Real Time Revolution: How New Technology is Transforming the Filmmaking Process
Chair: Iain Dodgeon, Director Science & Research Entertainment Exchange The Wellcome Trust

The filmmaking process is rapidly evolving. Driven by advances in real-time technology like Unreal Engine, powerful tools are opening up unprecedented opportunities for storytellers. Not only are these empowering creators to build worlds and prototype visions, they are also driving new efficiencies and commercial models for independent creators.
But what exactly are these tools and methodologies and how are leading practitioners adopting them? Moreover, in 
an environment when you can create and test anything, what does this mean for the future of filmmaking?



  • David Sheldon-Hicks, Founder Territory Studios

  • Chris Ferriter, CEO Halon Studios

  • Claire Fleming, Art Director Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 

  • HaZ Dulull, Filmmaker and Co-Founder HaZ Film

  • Paula Crickard, Producer and Co-Founder HaZ Film

Supported by

11.30 - 12.30

The Audience Takes Control: The New Wave of Interactive Filmmaking
Chair: Dr Jo Twist, CEO UKIE

Netflix’s Black Mirror Bandersnatch took interactive filmmaking into the mainstream in 2019. Was this an outlier though, or does it genuinely signal a new mode of storytelling - and if so, what are the creative and 
commercial opportunities for filmmakers?
In this session, we hear from one of the key storytellers behind Bandersnatch and from a new generation of storytellers who are establishing the grammar, workflows 
and commercial models that may lead to a new leap in filmmaking. Meanwhile, we learn how filmmaker Karen Palmer is converging film with technology, gameplay and 
machine learning / AI to bring about new levels of audience participation.



  • Tony Kearns, Editor Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

  • Jack Attridge, Creative Director and Co-Founder Flavourworks 

  • Nihal Tharoor, CEO and Co-Founder Electric Noir Studios

  • Karen Palmer, Award-Winning Artist and 'Storyteller from the Future'

12.30 - 13.30


13.30 - 13.50

Brand-Funding Case Study: Pulse Films

Jamie Walker, Executive Producer, Advertising & New Business

Sam Bridger, Executive Producer Music Documentaries Pulse Films

Pulse Films is the award-winning, independent studio encompassing the development, production, financing and distribution of cross-platform content for audiences worldwide. Executives Jamie Walker and Sam Bridger discuss how they work to create win-wins with brands and storytellers and reveal the story behind Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records, the brand-funded festival hit.

13.50 - 14.10

Brand-Funding Case Study: Innovating to Create Emotions

Yifei Chai, Innovation Architect

Emotional connection with customers, for a brand, matters more than customer satisfaction. This is not difficult to agree with when we see how we gladly pay premium for whatever certain brands throw at us, over other functionally equal if not superior products. So how do we establish a
stronger emotional connection with our audiences?


Yifei Chai of Ad Age’s Production Company of 2019, UNIT9 argues that understanding audiences’ emotional motivations and how to trigger them is at the core of our work - and that satisfying these emotions through innovative combinations of technologies can usher in a new era of entertainment and engagement.

14.10 - 15.40

The New Business of Brand Funded Films and the Brand/Create Pitch Competition

Chair: Kate Bulkley, Journalist and Media Commentator

In an era of diminishing advertising returns, brands are increasingly turning to original storytelling to connect with audiences. But what are the opportunities for filmmakers in this space and what kind of projects are 
brands looking for? Our expert brand-funding panel will discuss these opportunities and how film companies can successfully integrate brand-funding into their business.
This session will also feature the Brand/Create Pitch Competition where selected filmmakers will pitch their project to the Panel for a chance to win expert mentorship with Ad Age’s Production Company of 2019 UNIT9, as well as an Adobe Creative Cloud software
bundle. Please see here for more details of the Competition and Brief.


  • Yifei Chai, Innovation Architect UNIT9

  • Gavin Humphires, Managaing Editor Nowness

  • Rafaela Perera, Executive Creative Director Littlehawk

  • Cathy Boxall, SVP Brand Entertainment Storylab


15.40 - 16.10


16.10 - 16.55

Telling Stories We Couldn’t Tell Before: How Technology and VFX are Transforming the Art and Possibilities of Storytelling
Tim Webber, Chief Creative Officer Framestore


Recognised internationally as a leader in the
creative development of VFX, Tim Webber joined Framestore in 1988 after an outstanding academic record in Maths, Physics and Art. He rapidly became the driving force behind the company’s push into
digital film and television, developing Framestore’s virtual camera and motion rig systems. In 2014, Tim won an Academy Award for his groundbreaking work for Gravity, having worked closely with Alfonso Cuaron throughout the production. In this special
Keynote presentation, Webber will reveal the most current innovations in visual effects, the developments he anticipates on the horizon and what this means for the future of film and storytelling.

16.55 - 17.10

Closing Remarks

Alex Stolz, Director Future of Film Summit

17.10 - 17.30

Special Film Presentation: Live Cinema: Walking the Tightrope Between Stage and Screen

This short film, produced by King's College London and University of Nottingham, examines the growing prominence of live cinema phenomena in the global film experience economy. 

17.30 - 19.30

Networking Reception

Supported by King's College London and University of Nottingham.


Case Study




13.30 - 14.30

The Art of Worldbuilding
Juan Diaz Bohorquez, European Director The Worldbuilding Institute

Juan Diaz Bohorquez is an awarded director,
writer and narrative designer who works at the
convergence of design, science and storytelling.
In this interactive session, Juan will introduce the core principles and artistic strategies of
worldbuilding - a revolutionary approach to the
craft of storytelling that is also ideally geared for today's multiplatform.

14.30 -15.00

How to Attract Attention of Studios and Buyers Using Previs
HaZ Dulull, Filmmaker & Co-founder HaZ FIlm

Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull is known for his commercially successful breakout sci-fi indie feature film - The Beyond, which premiered at #2 on the iTunes charts early 2018 before trending on Netflix. He also directed the Disney series: Fast Layne. In this intensive session, HaZ will be using exclusive material from his latest feature film project, currently in pre-production, to demonstrate how he deploys
Previs himself as a hands-on director, not only
creatively but also to attract cast, sales and finance.

Supported by UNREAL ENGINE

15.00 - 15.30

Mixing Realities: Capturing Performances for Spatial Computing with The Imaginarium Studios and Magic Leap
Matthew Brown, CEO Imaginarium 


In this demonstration - a first of its kind - we meet Grishneck (played by Andy Serkis), a lonely Orc who is one of a world of rejected concepts and characters once destined for fame, but now relegated to an “Old Assets” folder on a desktop computer.  This collaboration between The Imaginarium Studios and Magic Leap is the world’s first ever performance capture piece created for mixed reality.  One of the goals of the collaboration was to explore the ability to create assets for traditional platforms that could instantly be presented on emerging platforms like the
Magic Leap One.

17.30 - 19.30

Networking Drinks



Encounter the next era of computing with
Magic Leap One a spatial computer that lets you see and interact with digital content in the world around you.


Kamua is the powerful AI-driven editing tool that automates the un-fun parts of video editing. Discover how Kamua’s browser-based and accessible system can empower your work as an artist and business in a multiplatform environment.

Virtual Scouting and Immersive Previs:

join Isaac Partouche, Head of Virtual Production, and Louisa Bremner, Technical Director, for a live demo of DNEG's latest Virtual Scouting tool. From immersive
Previs, to virtual camera and mixed reality, this exclusive demo will showcase how Virtual Production is embedded into DNEG's VFX pipeline, and why it is becoming an invaluable tool for directors.