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    Unprecedented Diversity Powered by Democratised Technology

    Future of Film Summit 2020 was designed to be the space where film’s future can be created. Across 3 densely packed days of keynotes, panels and workshops, leaders in film discussed all aspects of the future of film from production technology, innovative business strategies and audience behaviour.

    The New Creative Revolution in Filmmaking

    On-demand entertainment is of course now the norm and we’ve become used to not just this but the sheer volume of content at our fingertips; myriad boxsets and high quality shows made available in dizzying numbers. Audiences have never had so much choice but how film fits into this mix is still uncertain. When you add into the mix UGC, games (a bigger industry than TV and Music combined!), E-Sports and Immersive all vying for our entertainment attention and £s, it becomes even less clear how to succeed in the business of filmmaking.

    Eight Lessons for the Future of Film from "Rebels of Storytelling"​

    Rebels of Storytelling is the exclusive free series of interviews with industry leaders who are shaping the future of film. Whilst each episode holds a treasure trove of insights and practical strategies for storytellers and film professionals, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the key ideas that I took from the interviews.

    Did Jason Blum create the Future of Film Distribution with Paranormal Activity?​

    James Wight revisits one of the most profitable film releases of all time. It may seem like a long time ago now, but 2007 was a revolutionary year for film. iPhones had entered the market, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were these young and upcoming websites, and instead of streaming services we had DVD delivery and rental. It’s all a far cry from the digital landscape we know today – especially in a 2020 that’s experiencing cinema closures and a heightened demand for streaming.

    From Filmmaking to Podcasts: Jason Blum’s Crypt TV and the Perfect Mix of Short Form, Storytelling, and Branding​

    James Wight on how Bluhmouse are pioneering a new form of media business. Blumhouse is certainly not averse to using new and developing mediums to reach consumers. Since pioneering an incredibly effective social media marketing strategy with 2007’s Paranormal Activity, they’ve since moved to other mediums to expand their branding and storytelling potential.