• Breakout Sessions


    We’re pleased to be hosting more intimate, interactive, expert-lead sessions across a variety of topics and experience levels. You'll be able to choose which session you'd like to attend on the day.



    A Previs-style Approach to Real-time Filmmaking

    Martin Bell- Proof, Inc / Yes Commissioner?

    Digital artist Martin Bell (JURASSIC WORLD, NO TIME TO DIE, 1917) joins us to talk us through his work as a previs/postvis artist and supervisor. Using his first real-time film, PRAZINBURK RIDGE as a case study, Martin will talk us through the process of coming up with the idea, why he made it in Unreal, and how he adopted a previs-style workflow. He’ll also be on hand to answer your burning questions in this fun, informal style workshop.

    Interactive Filmmaking Simplified

    Kate Dimbleby, Writer / Performer, & Ru Howe, Filmmaker- Stornaway

    Stornaway.io is a new drag & drop application that lets video producers create interactive branching narrative stories, quickly and easily, without coding. In September, Stornaway.io released two original shorts at Immersive Encounters 2020: A Little Hungover (www.ALittleHungover.com), written and directed by Tyrell Williams, and Life Moves Pretty Fast (www.LifeMovesPrettyFast.io), which follows Wolfie on several different journeys to work on his birthday. In this session, Stornaway.io creators Kate Dimbleby and Ru Howe will discuss the potential and challenges of this kind of interactive storytelling; summarise the current landscape of tools and platforms for creation and delivery; demo Stornaway.io's story mapping and previs tools; and discuss integration with other platforms and possibilities for 360 and VR capabilities. Participants will be also encouraged to share their experiences of working on branching narrative/interactive projects.

    How to Make Your Ideas Stand Out

    Fiona Gillies & Christine Hartland, Smash Media

    Smash are working to level the playing field for filmmakers and content creators from all backgrounds to ensure that the best emerging talent can gain access to decision makers. Smash will be sharing their knowledge, as well as welcoming filmmakers and decision makers alike to share their stories and offer advice and feedback.

    Movie marketing - staying dynamic in these uncertain times across distribution and exhibition

    Catherine Downes, usheru & Ben Johnson, Gruvi

    usheru and Gruvi bring you this breakout session which examines the current situation in the industry across distribution and exhibition, looking first at the latest trends developing in the realms of movie marketing over the last 6 months and seeing where they will bring us in the year to come - think analysis, insights and predictions, and learn how to stay dynamic and capitalise on the opportunities presented in times like these. Catherine (CMO of usheru) and Ben (CEO of Gruvi) will engage in a lively chat with industry experts across home entertainment, exhibition, distribution and film advertising to uncover what to expect in the year ahead.


    This space is for our delegates to network with each other in an informal environment. No booking needed, simply join on the day.



    Fundraising Strategy for Your Film

    Emily Best, Seed & Spark

    Seed & Spark is a community where creators and audiences work together to tell stories that celebrate diverse voices and foster vibrant conversation. Founder Emily Best will be on hand to chat through how to shape the fundraising strategy for your project to align with your desired outcomes for the project and your career as a creator, whether it be changing the world, winning an Oscar, or becoming a showrunner in the future.

    How Data Analytics Is Changing Film Finance

    Greg Gertmenian, Slated

    Over $2.8B has been introduced to independent films on Slated, the world's leading online film packaging, financing and distribution marketplace. Movies like JOKER and SUPER TROOPERS 2 received production financing in part thanks to their high Script and Financial Scores, which predicted these films' outsized financial success. Join Slated's Head of Development, Greg Gertmenian, for a discussion about how data analytics is changing the way studios and financiers think about independent films, and to learn best practices for putting your film together to attract talent, capital, and distribution.

    A Peek behind the SVOD curtain

    Stephen Follows, Film Analyst

    Using a powerful, unique dataset, film analyst Stephen Follows reveals what types of content perform well on streaming platforms and provides insight to help film professionals as they make content with an eye on an SVOD sale.


    This space is for our delegates to network with each other in an informal environment. No booking needed, simply join on the day