• Why Every Film Should be Profitable

  • Why Every Film Should be Profitable

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    Future of Film Podcast · 61. Kevin Goetz: Why Every Film Should be Profitable

    "Do research early, do it at the capability stage, in order to understand what you have and how much you should spend - it gives you an early marketing roadmap." Kevin Goetz

    This episode is a deep-dive into the pivotal role of audience research in film with Kevin Goetz.

    Nicknamed “the doctor of audience-ology,” Kevin has been at the centre of what Hollywood calls the movie research industry for more than thirty years. His firm, Screen Engine/ASI, conducts research for a majority of all movies that are widely released in America and around the world. With decades of experience, Goetz has worked alongside all of the major film studio chiefs, network and streaming platform executives, and production company decision-makers. The Los Angeles Times Magazine counted him as one of the 100 most powerful and influential people in Southern California.

    As well as sharing fascinating insights into the testing process, Kevin makes the compelling case that every movie should be profitable if researched and budgeted correctly!

    His new book Audience-ology: How Moviegoers Shape the Films We Love is available now.

    This episode is in partnership with the Movie Marketing and Distribution Podcast.

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