• Unlocking the Metaverse for Creators

  • Unlocking the Metaverse for Creators

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  • Synopsis

    Future of Film Podcast · 68. Steve Silver: Unlocking the Metaverse for Creators

    "The Metaverse story to us is a content creation story" Steve Silver

    In this episode we welcome Steve Silver to the podcast to discuss the now and future of the metaverse - in particular how creators can approach this space. From Tesla's complete virtual rendering of San Francisco and Apple's upcoming VR headset to the latest in Web3, Steve takes us on a ride to the nexus of technological innovation and entertainment - eloquently explaining how these innovations can benefit storytelling and creators.

    About Steve Silver

    Steve Silver is the Games Industry Strategy Manager for Autodesk, makers of best-in-class design and make tools like Maya and 3ds Max. His role involves thought leadership and guidance on industry trends and strategy for the Gaming Industry as well as the Metaverse. Prior to Autodesk, Steve’s experience in the Gaming Industry included roles in companies like Electronic Arts, Kixeye, and Zynga.

    His professional expertise has focused on Experience Design, Live Operations, and Content Production which has put him in a strong position to understand the process complexities unique to game development. Additionally his lifelong passion for games provides valuable insight to what drives consumers to seek experiences that delight and entertain.

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