• The Future of Interactive Filmmaking

  • The Future of Interactive Filmmaking

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    Future of Film Podcast · 4.4 The Future of Interactive Filmmaking w/ Sam Barlow

    "If you throw away the container, what does that do to how you tell stories?" Sam Barlow

    Visionary storyteller Sam Barlow's work blends traditional filmmaking techniques with gaming mechanics to create new forms of interactive films. He is known largely for the pioneering works HER STORY and more recently the Annapurna-produced TELLING LIES which is a hugely ambitious interactive thriller told from multiple points of view.

    In this conversation we explore Sam’s creative process and his vision for the future of interactive filmmaking. In particular, how his work differs from the "Choose your Own Adventure" style adopted by Black Mirror's Bandersnatch. We also touch on Sam’s career and get into the business model and distribution strategy for this kind of work - which although it looks like films has a very different release and revenue cycle. 

    Although we talk primarily about interactive filmmaking, Sam is first and foremost a storyteller and we cover a lot of the fundamentals of this. He is also a a deep thinker about his craft and the episode is densely packed with ideas, concepts and strategies for creators.

    We will be focusing further on interactive filmmaking at this year's Future of Film Summit.

    About Sam Barlow

    Sam Barlow is a director and writer known for games that push the boundaries of interactive narrative. With Silent Hill: Shattered Memories he created a classic that psychologically profiled its players and in Her Story he reinvented the detective genre for the YouTube generation. In 2019 he released his most ambitious title yet, the investigative thriller Telling Lies.

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