• The Business of Blumhouse

  • The Business of Blumhouse

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    "I really believe that you want the storytellers to look like the audience they’re telling stories for.  And that’s what we have done and will continue to do." Jason Blum

    Jason Blum, founder of Blumhouse Productions, is a three-time Academy Award®-nominated, two-time Primetime Emmy Award-winning and a two-time Peabody Award-winning producer. Blumhouse is known for pioneering a new model of studio filmmaking: producing high-quality micro-budget films and television series, and his multimedia company is regarded as the driving force in the horror renaissance.

    Throughout his career Jason has relentlessly innovated and defied collective wisdom on the business of filmmaking. His low budget approach is much more than about 'keeping costs down', it's about fundamentally reducing risk and retaining control. And the result of this? For Jason it has meant staying INDEPENDENT, empowering artists (like Damien Chazelle, Spike Lee and Jordan Peele) and building a global direct to consumer and industry brand.

    In this very special interview with journalist Wendy Mitchell, Jason discusses his work and the future of the film and television business. It was recorded in November 2020 for the Future of Film Summit.

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