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  • Super Story Architecture

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    Future of Film Podcast · 64. Houston Howard: Super Story Architecture

    "Big vision and small execution. That's the sweet spot to attack the market" Houston Howard

    How can creators stand out in today's ocean of content? Super Story Architect, Houston Howard has answers…

    Houston Howard is the Chief Storyteller at One 3 Creative, a transmedia design firm, and a co-founder of Fulcrum Worldbuilders, an organisation that designs large-scale storyworlds that are meant to shift culture and catalyze large-scale social impact. 

    He has written three books about transmedia design including the brilliant, You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Story, a title on the Future of Film Incubator 2022 Read List.

    He is a professor of Transmedia Storytelling and Worldbuilding at the Arts Center College of Design and the host of the Super Story Podcast.

    In this conversation we discuss how creators can, in Houston’s words, attack the market in 2022. What is the significance of this market becoming commoditised - and what are the specific creative and commercial strategies that storytellers can adopt to navigate and succeed in the new landscape?

    This episode was recorded as part of Future of Film Incubator 2022 and is brought to you in partnership with Epic Games and Unreal Engine, Autodesk, Dell Technologies, Nvidia and Garden Studios.

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