• Embracing Data in Film Production

  • Embracing Data in Film Production

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    Future of Film Podcast · 1.2 The Power of Data in Film Production

    "ROI and critical acclaim should not be dirty words. They are essential words for the independent film market to be healthy and sustainable” Stephan Paternot

    Stephan Paternot (@stephanpaternot), CEO and Founder of film financing platform Slated discusses film investment and how Slated’s unique scoring system can help bring smart money to your film. He also explains whether your film is going to make money, receive critical acclaim and even win awards is “highly knowable at script stage”.

    About Stephan Paternot

    Stephan Paternot is Co-founder & CEO of Slated, an online film industry marketplace for projects, talent, financing and distribution. Stephan is also co-founder of PalmStar, a film production and financing company started in 2004. Stephan is also the founder and general partner of the Actarus Funds. Founded in 2002, these angel funds have backed such companies as LendingClub, SecondMarket, Indiegogo, AngelList and many more. Prior to this he cofounded one of the first Internet community sites, theglobe.com in 1994. The company set stock market history when it went public in 1998 with a record setting IPO pushing the company valuation to over $1 Billion. Over a six-year span the company grew to over 300 employees with the website becoming one of the top thirty most trafficked sites in the world with nearly 10% of all internet users visiting the site monthly. In 1999 Stephan won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and in 2001 published “A Very Public Offering”, a non-fiction business book detailing his experience at theglobe.com. Before founding the company Stephan attended Cornell University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Born in Palo Alto, Stephan spent his formative years in Switzerland and the U.K. before moving to New York City and Los Angeles.

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